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About Us
Message from the Founder

It’s said that someone’s reputation precedes them. At Prasasta Reputation Management, we know the truth of that statement only too well, because managing reputation is our business. Founded in 2004, we master in strategic communications, public relations, crisis management and CSR consulting that work together to protect and enhance our clients’ reputation.

Prasasta Reputation Management, through precise and strategic trouble-shooting plans, is always prepared to assist clients. We are continually on the lookout for potential problems and the most effective ways to deal with them through our Early Warning System. Even if a crisis does happen, clients can rest assured that a plan of action that takes into account all elements is at the ready for their needs.

A company is only as good as its people, and also its network. Prasasta Reputation Management is staffed by a combination of agency professionals, and those who have accumulated considerable real-world experience in facing crises. They bring with them a strong network of media, government, NGO and community leaders that can be utilized as necessary. Our company offers an international outlook with fundamental Indonesian insight.   

Prasasta Reputation Management is a natural business progression from our founding entity, PT Prasasta Cipta Artha. This holding company, established in 2004, provided Event Management and Creative Services through Prasasta Daya Mata; Media Monitoring & Analysis and Viral Campaign (e-Prasasta), communication skills training & perception audit (Prasasta Institute);  investor relations & capital market related campaign (Prasasta Kapital), whereas in 2011 Prasasta CSR will be established to accommodate emerging needs in CSR development and management strategy among local corporations.  All these skills are now incorporated into strengthening our services.

In six years, we are proud to have been entrusted with safeguarding the interests of clients in a diverse range of fields, including consumer goods, tobacco, healthcare, local government, NGOs and sports. At Prasasta Reputation Management, we realize that reputation is key to everything we do. For our name is only as good as the good name of our clients – and making sure it stays that way.