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Reputation Building
Reputation Enhancement
Reputation Recovery

Companies cannot rest on their laurels, but must strive to enhance their reputation in the market and to their stakeholders. Prasasta Reputation Management adopts a dual approach to achieving this aim:

Media Activities
The media can be friend or foe, depending on the handling of reach-out efforts and approach. We are fully capable of organizing professionally run, focused media activities that succeed in enhancing our clients’ reputation among this important stakeholder, whether on the local, national or international levels.

    • Press Conference: A forum for the client to announce developments on its own terms, with designated spokespeople, the provision of excellent supporting materials (press release, presentations) and anticipation of the handling of any untoward questions/inquiries through a thorough pre-event Q+A document.
    • Media Briefing: Identifies specific media to be invited to briefings organized with for the client’s strategic purposes and aims.
    • Media Visit: Arranges media visits by strategic media to client operations or sites of production which serve to show the clients in the best possible light.
    • Media Workshop: Organizes topic-based workshops that allow clients to impart their knowledge to media as the “expert” in their field, thereby fostering respect and enhancing their reputation with journalists.
    • Exclusive Interview: Selects and invites media to interview client representatives.
    • Story Pitching: Determines topics that can be pitched to media as potential story ideas, with the client as the focus of the story or the main “expert” source.
    • Ghostwriting: Articles can be prepared in a variety of journalistic styles to fit the needs of a client in providing a “ready-to-print” expert analysis story or column for strategic media.

Brand Activation

The most effective ways to utilize the power of a brand, and in doing so achieve reputation enhancement.

    • Event Management: Ensuring that an event proceeds smoothly, and achieves its objectives.
    • Audiovisual Presentation: The preparation of professional, strategic and flawlessly produced materials.
    • Creative Concept: Devising creative concepts that highlight the client and its brand.